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Client Zone : Staffing Solutions

We are committed to provide excellent human resource solutions to our clients and to go beyond their expectations. We work with the mission of assisting our clients in defining their human resource needs and to find that suitable solutions essential for their success.

Logos solutions works upon IT as well as Non IT recruitments and handles all levels of companies from small scales to MNC’s which also includes Government setups.  We Provide Contractual and Permanent Staffing Solution.
In the corporate world of India, our company is well recognized as complete Human resource services and recruitment solutions provider.
We work as a bridge between organization and the candidates. We have built good rapport between our clients and candidates. We also work on deficiencies of candidates and help them to become strongest competitors. We also help to the organization to select best suitable candidate for the vacant post.
Hence, our recruitment specialists have been successfully providing quality placements in multiple markets and industries for over a decade.


The reasons for why should a company hire our services.

Get the Job Done


Client Companies may have different sources of recruitment but all these sources requires a lot of time in screening and shortlisting of candidates as well as resumes.

Candidate Interviews

Informative Interview

Thus, Logos as a consultant does everything on the client’s behalf and finally gives a little number of good choices in terms of shortlisted candidates for a particular position.

Position Recruitment


We just require a job description and job specification of a particular job and based on which we interview candidates and finally gives a few selected candidates to our client.

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